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We design your business's event from start to finish to make it as stress-free as possible! 

We work with your business building strong customer relationships with an emphasis on strategy.

We pride ourselves on creating the best experiences for our VIP clients by being thorough and attentive.

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Diahana B.

Marisa was extremely helpful in the planning of my retreat. She helped me find a location and videographer, and built gift baskets that were thoughtful and on brand.

She was exceptional at making sure that I was supported and cared for as well.

Elaine R.

From the moment you walked through the door your senses were tantalized, every tiny detail was carefully planned and implemented.  The event was tastefully decorated, the aroma was pleasant, the gifts matched each participant's likes and the food was delish. Marisa outdid herself.

Jo M.

The ambiance was incredible, the food was delicious, the location was exquisite. Marisa went above and beyond to ensure we were all happy, enjoyed the food, and took care of all our needs.

Absolutely grateful for the experience.

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